Our Missions

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    The Philippines

    Free medical clinic in Philippines

    Every summer, we gather a team of U.S. medical students, physicians, surgeons, nurses and Nepalese doctors to provide a month long free clinic. On average, we treat around 2,000 patients each trip, the majority being women and children. Amount needed for life-saving surgeries:

    $ 35,000


    Free medical clinic in Nepal

    Each October, we send a small team of U.S. medical students, physicians, surgeons, and nurses to work with our Nepalese colleagues to provide free medical attention at various clinics, hospitals and orphanages. Amount needed to continue to provide food, supplies and medical attention to our children at the orphanage:



    Free medical clinic in Haiti

    During the year, we coordinate small medical groups in Haiti that provide free medical attention in the country’s “tent cities”, a refuge for many of the 2010 Haitian earthquake victims. Our patients have lost everything and the process of rebuilding is stagnant. We also provide medical care and supplies to a local orphanage in Port au Prince.


Donor Spotlight

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    Grateful Thanks

    Jack Weiselberg

    It was another sweltering June day in Nepal, temperatures were over 100+ and the humidity made the air painful to breathe. The Bicol Clinic’s Team of Doctors and Volunteers were there, 20 strong, running our Free 30-day Clinic, with the beginning of our anticipated over 3000 patients lining up outside the clinic since the early morning hours.

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  • Philippines Who we are

    The Bicol Clinic Foundation (BCF) establishes itself as a provider of medical care to impoverished areas on a small scale (one village at a time), allowing us to form long-lasting, personal relationships with both the patients and the local authorities. We don’t just save lives, we aspire to change them.

  • Haiti What we do

    We provide excellent medical care to all of our patients, while at the same time offering a hands-on experience and training often unattainable in the U.S. for our volunteers. With the help of your generous contributions, we are able to fund teams of medical students, doctors and nurses to participate in clinic rotations in the Philippines, Nepal and Haiti.

  • Somolia How you can help

    The Bicol Clinic Foundation needs your assistance and donations to keep these extraordinary efforts alive. This clinic is run entirely by the good will of our supporters, and the results are lasting and life-changing.

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Our Global Efforts

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Death by wind, death by water,
Sisaphysian choices, cyclonic turmoil,
The flattening of a nation,
A great leveler, God with a rake,
Chopping, and shearing and drowning with his upheaval,
Mucky Shantytown, home to the hopeless,
Dorian, a giant troll crushing all underfoot,
Hand holding a loved one,
Hand holding only emptiness,
Sheltered in three-story collapsing structures,
Like tin foil molded by calloused hands,
A calloused God.
The animals are gone,
The birds flocked elsewhere,
Skeleton pets roam barren stretches,
A man stands perched, gazing at nothing,
Not aware of his next breath.
Passing ghost villages haunted earlier this year,
Tarps on rubble-strewn roads now leading nowhere,
Cars flipped, boats flipped, our Bahamas flipped,
How can the sky return to the above?
What’s next, an asteroid?
Oh lord, have you no mercy?
Written by: Dr Mitchell Schuster
Founder Bicol Clinic Foundation, Head Emergency Disaster Relief Team
Hurricane Dorian, Category 5, September 2019
Personal Reflections.

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BCF has dispatched more than 150 medical students, in addition to dozens of American and foreign physicians and nurses, to provide care to more than 75,000 patients in the Philippines, Nepal and Haiti, many of whom had never before seen a physician. Our team members also volunteer in orphanages and schools to extend health care to other aspects of life. We’d love for you to be Part of the Start!

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