Mission Nepal

Bicol Clinic: Nepal

Dr. Schuster initially traveled to Nepal in 2002 with a group called Helping Hands. Since then, he has forged a strong relationship with his Nepali colleagues, resulting in annual free medical clinics in Nepal as well as the recruitment of Nepali doctors for our clinics in the Philippines.

Although one of the most beautiful nations, Nepal is also one of the world’s poorest. BCF has established itself as a clinic offering first-world care to those who need it most. Our patients walk for miles up mountain paths to reach our clinic. We offer primary care, minor surgery and depending on the specialties of our surgeons, offer specific surgeries like OBGYN or ENT at a teaching hospital in Kathmandu. The gratitude of the people and the majestic surroundings of the Himalayas make this a truly extraordinary journey for our volunteers.

In addition to providing free medical care in Bandipur and other remote areas of Nepal, we have a special relationship with a Nepali orphanage. If funding allows, we provide the orphans with meals, school supplies and clothing each month. Our volunteers also have the opportunity to spend time with the children during their trip, allowing the orphans much needed attention, play time and check-ups. We hope to raise more funds in the future specifically for this orphanage. Our goal is to give these children a chance at an education, improved living conditions and good health.